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   Discussion: "DON'T GET DISTRACTED!"
Apostle M. R. Taylor · 9 years, 10 months ago


We have spent so much of our lives being confused and distracted by the physical things in life, that we have often (in our distractions), failed to see God and to trust Him for Who He really is!

In the Hebrew, the word Mibtach means "To have confidence in . . ."  The word "trust" appears 134 times in The Old Testament as well as 44 times in The New Testament.  In it's case sensitive declamations as "trusteth", "trusted" and "trusting", the word appears in The Holy Scriptures 47 times making its appearance in The Holy Bible a total of 181 times.

"Mibtach" (in its full scriptural expression) means "To trust and to have full confidence in God."  However, even in this explanation we still seem to have "trust issues" with God!

Many times in life when we are facing difficult situations, it is the "spiritual distractions" that will cause us not to trust God enough to see the manifestation of God in our lives.  It is in these certain situations that God will "reveal Himself" to us in a manner in which we would have never known Him!

The inability to"trust God" will result in the capacity to "complain" about everything.  When you complain about "everything", "all of the time", you will never see God when He is trying to reveal Himself to you to help you!

Many of us could go to a higher level in God if we would just stop worrying, complaining and being distracted by the things that are on our current level.

When you trust God, your mind is wrapped in thoughts of creativity, which now cause you to "set you affections" to "sit in heavenly places" where Christ sits!  Trusting God moves your thoughts away from the "negative" into the"positive."  Your ability to trust God is important because, trusting God will move you to another level!

God wants to move you to another level but, He can't move you if you don't trust Him!  GOD IS SAYING TO YOU, "I NEED TO MOVE YOUR MIND TO TRUST ME, SO THAT I CAN MOVE YOU TO THE BLESSING THAT I HAVE ALREADY PROVIDED FOR YOU!"

Wherever your trust is, that is where you are e going to "set your affections!"  This is why you must understand that "your trust is very delicate."  As it goes, "Where your trust is, so where your heart is!'  This is why you've got to learn to always "PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD, SO THAT THE DEVIL CAN'T GET TO IT!"

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