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Apostle M. R. Taylor · 9 years, 6 months ago

The Last Adam Has Recovered All That The First Adam Lost

Man was created to have an intimate fellowship with God.  He was made in the Image and Likeness of God. In this, man was made to glorify Go, and to have dominion over the earth.  Everything that was lost in the Fall by the first Adam has been restored in the Last Adam (Jesus Christ), and more!  Redeemed men and women will indeed rule and reign with Christ over the earth.  They will have the righteousness and holiness of God worked out in their lives, and reflect His glory. 

God will have a perfected people who know and understand Him (Jeremiah 9:24).  There will be a beautiful bride without spot or blemish for His Son Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:7-8).  There will be a people who have been conformed to The Image of Christ (Romans 8:28-30).

It's still a matter of choice.  Even though Christ Jesus has provided full redemption for every problem in man, still we have the choice to appropriate what has been fully purchased, or to reject it.  Christian maturity is now possible by grace, but if we are not diligent to lay hold of it, we will not have it (Hebrews 2:1).

Neglecting our redemption is just as serious as rejecting it.  The lack of whole-heartedness has caused many to lose their inheritance and settle for something less (Joshua 13:1, 18:3).  This is the reason some are least in the kingdom of heaven, and some are great (Matthew 5:19).  Some are 100-fold believers, some are 60-fold believers, and some are 30-fold believers (Mark 4:20).  All the promises of God are conditional.  This is often not understood in the Church world.  There are standards and qualifications to be met first (Hebrews 10:16, Revelation 21:7).  All the promises of God are to those who overcome.

Because of God's grace, the redeemed man is able to enter into everything that the first Adam had, but lost.  In fact, the redeemed man can have even more!  However, all of these blessing can only be inherited by the overcomers.  Thus, as believers must apply our hearts to the grace of God.



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