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New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Truth New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Truth

Apostle Michael R. Taylor Apostle Michael R. Taylor

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Apostle Michael R. Taylor
Title: Senior Pastor & Founder New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Tr

~ Apostle Michael R. Taylor ~

Pastor & Founder

New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Truth Incorporated 

Presiding Prelate/Chief Apostle

Pentecostal Churches Of Truth Fellowship International


Michael R. Taylor was born on March 21, 1956 in the City of Detroit, Michigan to Raymond Taylor and LaJean Roberts.


Michael was educated in the Detroit Public School system and graduated from Cass Technical High School in June 1973. After graduation Michael was employed as a civilian personal with the United States Army Corps of Engineers where he served under the designation as a "Hydro Engineering Field Technician" which took him throughout various parts of the country from the St. Lawrence Seaway down throughout the Mississippi River Delta and the Great Lakes Regions.

It was in the early years of his life that Michael was raised in the home of his paternal grandparents, The Late Deacon Sidney Taylor Sr. and The Late Mother Idell Taylor who were both "born again" Christians and faithful members of the Zion Chapel Church of Christ Holiness USA.

It was under thier watchful prayers and guidance that at the age of 12 years old, Michael confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and was baptized into The Body of Christ by The Late Bishop A.J. Perkins and pledge him servitude to the Zion Chapel Church of Christ Holiness USA where he served faithfully until the age of 17.

At the age of 17 years old, Michael rededicated his servitude to Christ Jesus to the United Temple Church of Truth under the leadership of The Late Bishop J.N. Manning where he was under the watchful prayers and guidance of his parental grandmother The Late Mother Laura Roberts.

It was in the United Temple Church of Truth that Michael took an interest in expressing his anointing by singing in the music ministry as a member of the Young Ambassadors Youth Choir under the leadership and direction of Sister Marjorie Watson. Later while serving in the church, Michael was anointed by The Holy Spirit to serve as "The Minister of Music" for The United Temple Church of Truth Inspirational Choir.

In the fall of 1977, Michael met the "woman of his dreams" who he would share the rest of his life with. In the spring of June 2, 1979 at the Saint Frances Catholic Church that Father Robert McGraph joined together Michael Taylor and Sernitta Engram in The State of Holy Matrimony. It was to this union that three sons were born, Randall Stephen Taylor, Phillip Anthony Taylor and Nicholas Alan Taylor.

In January 1981, Michael accepted a lifelong Call of God upon his life and was "ordained" as a Minister of the Gospel at the United Temple Church by The Late Bishop James A. Foster.

In September 1982 pursuant to a "revelation" of God to his spirit, Reverend Michael R. Taylor along with four faithful saints organized and founded what would be hailed and known as the: New Deliverance Church Of Truth.

It was Mother Mary Myrrick who blessed the newly organized church by opening the doors of St. Jude's Church on Northfield Street and allowing the church to have its first and continuing services there until in September 1986 God blessed the church to move into its new location ar 4718 32nd Street, Detroit, Michigan.

In the spring of 2002, the Lord spoke to Pastor Michael R. Taylor through The Holy Spirit in a vision saying to him, "Take heed now, for I the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it." (I Chornicles 28:10).

After much prayer, fasting and the blessings of God, on Saturday, April 8, 2006 Pastor Taylor lead the congregation of the New Deliverance Church Of Truth into its "new sanctuary" located at 4718 32nd Street Detroit, Michigan where the church was rededicated as the: New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Truth Incorporated.

The Lord God continued to pour out his Divine Favor and Blessings upon Pastor Taylor and the New Deliverance Pentecostal Church Of Truth as the membership and ministries of the church began to grown in "grace and mercy." 

On March 8, 2008 Pastor Michael R. Taylor was "consecrated" into The Office of Bishop in God's Holy Universal Church and installed as The Presiding Prelate/Chief Apostle of the Pentecostal Churches Of Truth Fellowship International serving as the covering for many Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Spiritual Teachers, Christian Churches and Ministries throughout the United States of America and the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Lilongwe, and many of the various regions throughout the continent of Africa.